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Northern Diver Canvas Sheath

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Essential safety equipment.

This compact diving knife features an 80mm, 420 grade Stainless Steel, single edged, heavy-duty serrated knife blade, with a curve point design, for additional safety when in use or stowing the knife in the sheath.

Unlike many other small dive knives, the blade on our KN166P with Webbing Sheath Knife is manufactured from ultra high spec, 2.5mm, 420 grade Stainless Steel, for reliability.

This knife also features a solid nylon comfort handle, with a Stainless Steel rear strike, for underwater signalling or for use (underwater) as a blunt tool, which includes a handy eye-hole for bungee or similar security device attachment.

The included ‘webbing’ knife sheath, provides simple, low cost protection and safety for the knife blade, when the knife is not in use.