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Northern Diver RR3 Rescue Sled

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Water rescue craft for use in rivers; flooded urban and coastal areas; mountains and lakes. The RR3 Rescue Sled is lightweight and portable, both inflated and deflated. It is easy to manoeuvre and can be paddled, pulled by hand or towed by a jet ski, boat or small hovercraft.

  • Overall length - 300cm
  • Overall width - 113cm
  • Internal width - 73cm
  • Sponson/pontoon dia. - 20cm
  • Floor materials - DWF
  • Floor thickness - 10cm
  • Inflatable only weight: 22kg
  • Gross weight - 27.5kg
  • Carton/packing dims. - 110*50*32cm
  • Chambers - 2+1
  • Max inlet fill (sponsons) - 0.35bar/5psi
  • Max inlet fill (floor) - 0.7bar/10psi
  • SS316 stainless steel D-rings - 4S+7M

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