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Northern Diver Throw Bag Reflective line

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Northern Diver throw bags with reflective line contain a length of specialist rope and can be thrown out to an in-water casualty so that they can be pulled to safety if they are conscious and able to assist. They are also useful in swift water rescue situations as they can be thrown into the water ahead of the moving casualty. The bags are often attached to the rescuer’s personal protective equipment for quick access.

Available with 15, 20, 25 and 30 metre rope lengths, this reflective line throw bag features a reflective floating safety line that has a continuous stranded polypropylene core which provides flotation to the wear-resistant braided nylon sheath as well as reflective strips on the outside of the bag, making it particularly useful in poor visibility and at night.

The throw & re-pack characteristics along with robust & reliable design ensure they're an industry favourite.

  • Manufactured with Ripstop Cordura® nylon
  • Drawstring neck closure
  • Mesh draining base
  • Quickclip clean line attachment point
  • High visibility reflective bands
  • 20m and 25m options of 11mm highly reflective‚ floating polypropylene cored rope
  • Rope can be removed and used on its own
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